Mobile technology and smart phones are a critical channel for marketers and advertisers to reach their audiences. But despite the accelerating sophistication of mobile advertisements, the delivery mechanisms by which they reach users is still significantly limited. They rely solely on cellular data and Wi-Fi connectivity and are unable serve relevant ads based on user context.

Qubercomm’s patent pending ad casting technology is a mobile advertising solution that not only leverages location data for more context aware ads, but also allows for ad distribution through BLE. This enables operators of malls and stadiums to reliably serve mobile ads and other content to users across their venues, regardless of their cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, while simultaneously making their ads more relevant and engaging

Enhanced Indoor Ad Casting Solution

  • Serve relevant context aware ads using accurate indoor locationing designed for complex, high-traffic interiors such as malls and stadiums.
  • Distribute ads using BLE, providing a reliable alternative channel to cellular data and Wi-Fi when network connectivity is limited or congested.

Versatile Content Delivery

  • Adaptable for other use cases other than ad casting, such as notification pushes and geo-fenced content distribution.
  • Deliver video, text and other form of content for seamless, highly customizable user experiences and engagement.


Proven patent-pending technology for content distributions via BLE

Leverage device location information to serve users more relevant ads

Designed for settings with high user device concentrations such as malls and stadiums

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