In order to enable flexible and responsive locationing solutions for dynamic environments, whether it’s a hospital or a commercial complex, facility operators need to be able to digitize floor plans and geo-fence indoor regions and define points of interest.

Qubercomm’s Indoor Mapping tool enables enterprises to completely map their facilities on the cloud, creating detailed digital floor plans that serve as the framework behind the customized locationing solutions they seek to enable, whether it is for indoor wayfinding, asset tracking, delivering location-based services, or monitoring movement data.

Digitize Floor Plans

  • Upload indoor floor plans to the cloud and create detailed digital maps of facilities
  • Plot points of interests, geo-fence interior spaces, and define region specific metadata for use by various locationing solutions.

Enable Indoor Locationing

  • Deploy a host of indoor Real-Time Locationing Systems and solutions, from tracking, navigation, to monitoring.
  • Enable RTLS solutions to accurately and responsively operate in multi-level and atypical environments.


Customizable indoor mapping tool based on uploaded floor plans

Easily integrated with 3rd party applications and IoT systems

Quick and
easy to use

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