Building IoT solutions for high-interference environments, whether it’s a busy industrial shop floor or high-traffic retail establishment, requires the right gateway hardware capable of receiving inputs from a diverse range of devices across multiple radios while providing the flexibility needed for custom designed solutions.

Qubercomm’s cloud managed IoT gateway provides enterprises with a first-in-class multi-radio wireless mesh networking solution that can be customized to support their specific IoT ecosystem. Its flexible architecture and ease of management through the cloud enables enterprises to build, deploy, and manage IoT solutions specifically suited to their industry problem spaces.

Seamless Cloud Management

  • Zero-touch cloud-based provisioning, policy and configuration management, firmware upgrades, and security updates.
  • Seamless remote management of your IoT ecosystem without the need for on-site networking expertise.

Multi-Radio Connectivity

  • Device agnostic connectivity across multiple radios, including WiFi, Bluetooth and BLE mesh.
  • Supports Zigbee connectivity for industrial environments.


Fully customizable to suite a wide range of enterprise use cases and deployments

Site-wide visibility and control across your entire IoT ecosystem

Quick and easy setup, simple and streamlined management

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