Effective wireless security demands more than just ensuring that connected devices are transporting data securely. It requires maintaining full visibility into all devices, both connected and unconnected, across the network in order to prevent rogue devices and users from compromising critical data or other connected devices.

Qubercomm’s IoT security solution allows enterprises to achieve this level of visibility by accurately identifying all devices within their network using their unique MAC address. This provides a reliable means of detecting the presence of all devices on the network, giving IT admins and security teams the information they need proactively respond to emerging security threats.

Rogue Device Detection

  • Detect the presence of all connected and unconnected devices present on your wireless networks.
  • Identify rogue devices and unauthorized activity on your network for effective security responses.

Adaptable Device Detection Solution

  • Obtain accurate information on the real number of users within your network using device detection.
  • Integrate with heat-mapping and analytics solutions for reliable data on human traffic and activity within different crowded environments and settings, such as malls and stadiums.


Network-wide device detection and visibility using unique MAC addresses

Flexible and accurate device detection solution with applications beyond network security

Platform agnostic security solution

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