With the accelerating advancement of the Internet of Things across industries, devices have only gotten smarter while software continue to grow in sophistication. But IoT solutions continue to lag behind in interoperability, creating fragmented IoT ecosystems that fall short in addressing the complex use cases facing modern enterprises. What is need are more integrated solutions, built on flexible and scalable infrastructure that can adapt to the specific need of their unique use case.

Qubercomm’s NMesh is an end-to-end IoT stack with the hardware, software, and cloud connectivity needed to build integrated IoT solutions for even the most complex use cases. Its device agnostic IoT application engine gives enterprises the platform, tools, and freedom to develop bespoke solutions specific to their needs



Device agnostic wireless connectivity with support for WiFi, BLE, and Zigbee radios

IoT Mesh

IoT Mesh

Self-organizing, self-healing, and scalable mesh network architecture suited for complex deployments

Application Engine

Application Engine

Containerized software environments with a rich array of API’s for third party applications



Centralized Cloud-based management of the entire IoT stack

The Hub of the Connected Home

Home WiFi & Automation

Eliminate dead spots for maximum WiFi coverage across every nook and cranny while powering home automation features to enable truly smart living

Accelerating your Industry 4.0 Transformation

Industrial IoT

Gain real-time visibility and operational control over all personnel, assets, and works-in-progress as they move across all process streams

Connecting the Cities of the Future

Smart Cities

From every street light to every node in the electric grid, connect public utilities and infrastructure to enable truly intelligent city automation

Connect the Internet of Things with infrastructure that is



Easily integrate any device, application, and cloud ecosystem



Build and deploy third party solutions for a wide range variety of use cases



Scales with the scope and complexity of your enterprise IoT needs

NMesh for Access Point OEMs

Access point manufacturers can leverage NMesh’s device layer stack for their own hardware, eliminating the need for internal development and accelerating their time to market. NMesh’s flexible licensing allows OEMs to power their hardware with our LEDE based OS, drivers, and proprietary IoT Mesh layer.

  • Tried and tested, standards-driven technology
  • Easy integration with your hardware
  • Rapid time-to-market

NMesh for Industrial IoT Gateway Vendors

Industrial IoT and automation vendors can power their gateways with NMesh’s device stack. Our patented IoT Mesh layer is designed to deliver superior connectivity and network resilience in even the most complex industrial environments. Its support for multiple radios and total device agnosticism make it compatible with nearly any device ecosystem

  • Resilient and scalable industrial-grade IoT mesh networks
  • Support for multiple industrial radios such as Zigbee and BLE
  • Cloud-based interface for zero-touch network management

Application Briefs

Parallel Manufacturing

Site-Wide Asset and Employee Tracking Across Workflows with NMesh

Greenfield Construction

Enhanced Operational Awareness and Coordinate with NMesh

Mining Operations

Reducing Workflow Bottlenecks at Mining Sites with NMesh