Qualcomm Atheros provides support to its customers through its Authorized Design Centers (ADC). Qubercomm, a member of the ADC program, enables its customers to evaluate, design, develop, produce, support and maintain their Qualcomm Atheros based WLAN products.

Qubercomm’s team consists of engineers who were some of the original designers of the QCA code base. They possess a strong expertise in the QCA code base, whether proprietary or Open source, as well as firmware. We maintain the driver and firmware code base completely for some of our customers and so our experience and expertise is unmatched in the industry. We offer the following services to QCA customers as part of the ADC program

Providing direct off-the-shelf driver and firmware binaries for QCA customers

Custom device driver

Custom firmware

Custom hardware design
and integration

Product support through QDART
and ART tool

Providing Data sheets, design
guides and reference designs using a streamlined NDA process

FCC certification

Maintenance of customer’s code base
for stable driver and firmware across all releases of QCA.

Third Party License Agreements (TLAs) for access to driver and firmware source code as necessary and as permitted by QCA.