Mobile technology plays a critical role in the engagement strategies of enterprises, providing them with a direct channel of interaction with their customers. But for operators of venues with high user concentrations, such as malls and stadiums, delivering rich media content, such as videos, to all users can run into severe network congestion that negatively impacts the quality of the experience.

Qubercomm’s QuberCast is a powerful video casting solution that enables enterprises to overcome the network limitations of these types of venues and scalably enhance the performance of data services. By integrating QuberCast plugins into their apps, operators are able to better distribute defined video content to users across high-interference environments, creating seamless digital experiences despite the volume and densities of users.

Enhanced Video Casting

  • Powerful plugins that easily integrate with apps to enhance delivery of defined video content for seamless VoD services.
  • Improved video distribution in user dense environments constrained by high levels of co-channel and adjacent channel interference.


Scalably improves the video distribution performance of branded and venue-based apps

Designed for settings with high user device concentrations such as malls and stadiums

Enables venues to deliver better video services using current wireless network infrastructure.

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