What does Fidelity.
Delivered. mean?

We bring laser focus on understanding our customers’ needs clearly. We are a strategic partner to our customers, planning with both the near- and long-term view of their businesses, and delivering to those needs precisely. This seamless and always-aligned partnership delivers confidence to our clients so that they can concentrate on their current and future business goals, even as they rely on us to innovate and deliver the right solutions in the right context for their success.

Our team brings nearly 150+ years of combined expertise in the telecom and wireless space, having been key contributors to leading global companies including Qualcomm, Microchip, Arista, Cisco, and HP.

Today, Qubercomm supports a variety of customers across the enterprise, retail, ISP and ODM segments and across several layers of technology starting from:


Cloud software

Driver and firmware

Middleware enablement
for cross platform

QA services

All of these are focused on the communications sector only at this point, which enables us to build a team that has singular focus and the ability to think end-to-end. We bring the expertise and thoughtful precision needed to handle every layer of the product development cycle.

Qubercomm’s culture is built on camaraderie and trust with a strong focus on teamwork and collaboration. Our teams are not just trained in solving technical problems but in thinking about the customers’ end goals so that they can solve problems in a way that makes the most sense in the context of the customers’ needs.

Our five pillars of everyday work include:

Be agile:

Our only goal is our customer’s success. As their business goals change, we need to modify our plans.

Be humble:

None of us know all the answers, yet all of us can find one together. So be fearless and ask questions.

Be fearless:

We encourage everyone to take initiatives—inside or outside the company, explore ideas, and take charge.

Be the change:

Your success starts at the end of your fear zone. So be the change—in yourself and with others.

Be collaborative:

Be the friend you would want for yourself, and help others as you would want to be helped.


Sudarsan Vasudevan

Chief Executive Officer

Sudarsan is a seasoned technologist with over 18 years of experience working at Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco and Qualcomm. He possesses the right blend of experience in building world-class teams that develop top-of-the-line solutions. His technical expertise in routing, switching and wireless networking, combined with his strong understanding of customer needs enable him to lead and deliver industry-leading products across Asia, Japan and USA.

Senthil Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Senthil is a passionate open-source aficionado with over 18 years of experience in the software industry working for industry leaders like HP and Novell. Prior to Qubercomm, he had served as Qualcomm's official Linux upstream go-to person for their wifi chipsets drivers and as Technical Lead for Intoto’s famed SSL VPN products. Senthil’s passion for IoT, coupled with his expertise in communication and security is the key driver in Qubercomm‘s solution strategy.

Magendran S

VP, Engineering, Cloud Technologies

Maghi is a passionate software technologist, certified enterprise architect and a seasoned hands-on software engineer with over 19 years of professional software design and development experience with a focus on end-to-end scalable software design and tie in Application development, big data, Search, Acceleration, Analytics and IoT. Maghi has delivered in these areas for Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Apple, Walmart and eBay. He holds a Master degree in computer science and a certificate as Oracle J2EE Enterprise Architect.

A trusted Qualcomm authorized design center

Qualcomm Authorised Design Center

Qubercomm Technologies is focused on delivering superior products and services that enable enterprises to build IoT solutions that solve real-world problems in dynamic, high-interference environments across different industries.

Our value added services, sophisticated patent-pending technologies, and deep domain expertise enable us to help our clients create IoT-powered real-time locationing systems for complex indoor environments and various industrial use cases.

Qubercomm’s team consists of engineers who were some of the original designers of the Qualcomm code base. They possess a strong expertise in the Qualcomm code base, whether proprietary or Open source, as well as firmware. We maintain the driver and firmware code base completely for some of our customers and so our experience and expertise is unmatched in the industry. We offer the following services to Qualcomm customers as part of the ADC program:

Providing direct off-the-shelf driver and firmware binaries for Qualcomm customers

Custom device driver development

Custom firmware development

Custom hardware design and integration

Product support through QDART and ART tool

Providing Data sheets, design guides and reference designs using a streamlined NDA process

FCC certification support


Maintenance of customer’s code base for stable driver and firmware across all releases of Qualcomm


Third Party License Agreements (TLAs) for access to driver and firmware source code as necessary and as permitted by Qualcomm