OEMs who sell to enterprises are required to manage unique customer landscapes: both the network and application experience are of high importance for the enterprise customer and user base. With a distributed workforce, hybrid applications (on-premise and on the cloud), and multi-device access requirements, enterprises are challenging OEMs to deliver best-in-class experiences without new investments in equipment or infrastructure.

Qubercomm has worked with OEM brands that serve the enterprise market in multiple areas of optimization, provisioning, and enhancing user experience. We have learned through years of experience that chipset vendors offer a standard software package or SDK that OEMs have to customise to offer a solid value proposition. This presents a number of challenges:

Stability and Scalability:

Customising SDKs requires expertise with the specific chipset vendor driver and firmware and a deep understanding of enterprise market use case needs. Qubercomm’s expertise with multiple chipset vendor drivers and firmware enables us to help enterprise OEMs customize solutions while still ensuring stability of the firmware. Another challenge is scalability. It's not always about how many clients can connect with a given AP, but about how effectively they can connect and balance the load across the network and across bands so that there is a credible user experience for the connected clients. Qubercomm understands this paradigm very well and is able to help its customers achieve scalability without compromising stability or performance.

Feature differentiation:

Given the nature of wireless hardware, most enterprise OEMs can’t differentiate on hardware. As a result, the primary differentiation happens through software features. Air time fairness, application detection, stream based prioritisation, security features like anomaly detection and WIDS/WIPS are all examples of differentiating features that enable enterprise OEMs to chart their course through the enterprise landscape.

Niche market penetration:

While most OEM solutions cater to the typical enterprise setting, there are niche segments like sports, healthcare, or hospitality where the needs are very different. Challenges in these segments include user density and specific certification needs (like FIPS), which Qubercomm has the experience and expertise to help address.

Next gen evolution in Enterprise AP:

The cloudification of the controller, machine learning, application based prioritization, and security will dominate the coming years for the enterprise AP. While a significant percentage of controllers are on-premise, over the next few years a dramatic shift to cloud- based controllers will occur. Qubercomm’s ability to simplify the cloudification process for controllers gives our customers an edge. Our strong interaction with the WiFi community and understanding of emerging trends, coupled with our own contributions through NMESH, enable us to assist enterprise customers in their evolution as next-gen vendors.