The FCC has announced the availability of 6 GHz for unlicensed use — a huge boost for expanding WiFi’s potential and giving ODMs a new market for access points and connected devices (IoT).

As device ODMs expand their portfolio, some of the key elements impacting their product success include:

Ease of Integration into ISP ecosystem

Plug and Play of different chipsets to easily create a variety of SKUs

Mesh infrastructure, algorithms, and integration

Integrating with middleware layers

Debugging drivers and firmware

Provisioning cloud integration for larger client profiles (moving data to the cloud, virtualizing the AP in the cloud) — along with integration to a specific, mandated cloud and providing the complete cloud infrastructure

Customizing chipset drivers and firmware for feature parity

Qubercomm has deep experience working in the ODM market, where we have helped device manufacturers to launch products faster, build smoother integration into ISPs, and tether hybrid environments.



Leveraging our expertise across chipset companies, we can abstract the chipset from the upper layer to accelerate time to market



Our extensive project experience and middleware expertise includes RDK-B, OpenSync, and PRPLmesh. This includes managing different versions of drivers, backward integration, and understanding the impact of upper layers in forward-porting. We also have successfully established the frictionless co-existence of RDK-B with OpenSync across different chipset vendor platforms.


Cloud Integration

We have helped ODMs achieve best-in-class cloud integration, including:

  • OpenSync middleware connectivity to the cloud
  • Configuring and managing firmware
  • Abstracting AP functions to the cloud with acceptable latency
  • Algorithmic decision support to help ISPs reduce customer issues

Managing Product Tiers

In response to market demands, we have helped ODMs build tiered products—with high, middle, and low-end hardware. We have helped ODMs select the appropriate chipset—taking into consideration the brand, specification, software quality and support leading to multiple mix-and-match configurations for different product variants.



Fast-tracked integration of middleware to readily work with any ISP


Reduced costs in the launch
of new products


Support with


Accelerated ISP