The consumer landscape is transforming rapidly, especially when it comes to connected devices and applications. Almost any electronic gadget in the house — from robotic vacuum cleaners to gaming consoles to security devices and even gardening equipment — are all IP enabled and must be connected to the network to function.

The Internet of Everything is pushing a paradigm shift in access point facilitation: while some OEMs ship secondary repeater devices, others are challenged to provision seamless experiences without new equipment.

We understand that OEMs are constantly trying to deliver best-in-class experiences without sacrificing margins. Consumers struggle to manage the explosion of connected devices, mind-boggling number of applications, and the consequent security vulnerability from applications and chipsets.

Retail OEMs must continuously innovate and differentiate to compete with what an ISP may offer for free or as a monthly rental. Feature density as well as hardware and software quality all have to stand out to deliver value for consumers to pay a premium.

Qubercomm works with retail OEM’s to do just that through:

Optimizing performance of the AP:

Tune the software performance of the access points by adapting the driver and firmware to the needs of the OEM. Every OEM tries to create a USP — whether it is for optimizing throughput and latency, OR optimising for number of clients, OR optimising for airtime fairness to clients. Qubercomm helps the retail OEM to achieve their goals.

Feature development:

In recent years, WiFi has evolved from vendors promoting the highest throughput number to having a rich set of features in the access point. Here are a few examples where Qubercomm can assist retail OEMs:

  • Parental Controls
  • WFH mode
  • Gaming mode
  • Application detection and blocking
  • Wireless motion sensing


WiFi has come a long way from just a few years ago when most homes left their WiFi in open mode, to security now being of paramount importance in the home. The advent of IOT has create many new security issues and it is not sufficient to offer the typical encryption protection of the network. OEMs must offer advanced features such as Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems (WIDS) and Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS). Qubercomm helps our customers differentiate in the marketplace through a clear security strategy that the customers can use to protect consumer networks.