Transform your business with value-added services and sophisticated patent-pending technologies so you can accelerate time to market with reduced costs.

Driver and Firmware Development:

Qubercomm’s was started to bring our expertise in wireless protocols, driver and firmware domains to industry vendors in need. As some of the original authors of upstream Linux wireless drivers, our team’s contributions in the upstream community are well known.

We established ourselves as an Authorised Design Center for Qualcomm in 2016 and since then have helped many key enterprise, Smart City, Retail, ISP and consumer electronics OEMs deliver best-in-class solutions to the market.

Our team has helped customers by offloading their pain with driver and firmware debugging on their platforms, enabling them to focus on what they do best – delivering world class products to the industry. Whether it is integrating and customizing drivers and firmware, developing custom features or maintaining the platforms through their EOL, we have done all of these for our customers.

Our expertise with all key chipset vendors, including Qualcomm, Broadcom, Marvell (Now NXP), Quantenna (now OnSemi), Intel and MediaTek, allows us to address a broad market.

Middleware Development:

The days of access point OEMs differentiating their offerings based on just speed, performance and stability by tuning the driver and firmware are no longer viable. Differentiation must start at multiple layers:

  • Ease of onboarding
  • Ease of configuration and monitoring
  • QoE features
  • Security/Privacy
  • If the OEM supplies to ISPs as well, pre-integration of commonly used middleware

Several middleware options are available that enable each of these and more. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Support for TR-069
  • Mesh enablement either with 802.11s or EasyMesh
  • Support for TR-369
  • Integration of RDK-B
  • Integration of OpenSync
  • Integration of NMESH

There is often custom middleware that OEMs develop for some platforms but then need significant adaptation to port to other platforms.

All these require extensive expertise with standards such as TR69, EasyMesh, 802.11s, TR369 and others, open source software such as RDK-B, communication protocols such as MQTT and CoAP and security mechanisms such as TLS, KeyCloak etc. We have the expertise and the proven track record delivering to these needs.

Cross-Platform Integration:

OEMs are always time pressured to launch new platforms, and often specific features must be integrated into these platforms. As the number of platforms scales, each offering a variety of technologies, and running on different OSes and chipsets, keeping up with technology changes and integrating features across platforms is a difficult task.

Qubercomm helps OEMs plan through this and simplify cross-platform integration as much as possible. The key challenge is taking the time to understand each of the parts, identifying an integration strategy that is consistent with the long-term goals, and executing it with precision. There are very few players with the expertise needed to pull together all of these, but Qubercomm, with its focus entirely on the telecom space, has built this kind of expertise.

Mobile-app Development:

Ease of use for customers is a tablestakes for OEMs. A well-thought out mobile app is the centerpiece of:

  • Onboarding,
  • Configuring and
  • Managing the product.

Additional features including parental controls, security and QoE management are crucial to differentiate the product from competition.

Qubercomm has delivered on these for multiple customers and provides an SDK-based solution that accelerates go-to-market for OEMs by at least 30%.

Cloud Software Development:

Qubercomm’s cloud engineering team specializes in IoT applications development, with a deep focus on the telecom space. Our engineers have spent decades with Tier 1 companies including Cisco, Walmart, Apple, etc. Our cloud team has expertise in Java, Spring, Angular, ReactJS, HTML, CSS and cloud technologies as well as deep understanding of wireless technologies and standards. We build cogent, differentiated solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

We are experienced in relevant platform technologies such as Kafka, MQTT, HiveMQ, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Redis, Kibana, MongoDB, RDBMS, Solr, Spring Cloud Data Flow, Graylog, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Zeppelin and others. Combining this with a strong understanding of machine learning technologies and open-source tools like TensorFlow, we build state-of-the art IoT Device Management, Monitoring and Monetization solutions targeted at specific customer market segments. We are also well-versed in the art of DevOps and CloudOps. We have delivered enterprise grade end-to-end IoT solutions and cloud management software stacks for smart city vendors and smart facility providers.

With our experience and expertise, we have built customizable SDK packages that accelerate product delivery by over 30% compared to building ground up and integrating the pieces.

Test Engineering:

With a focus on the telecom market, this seasoned team is led by engineers who worked with Tier 1 companies including Arista, Cisco and Dell. Key areas where this team focuses and delivers to our customer needs are:

  • WiFi and platform testing with a focus on performance, stability and functionality.
  • An automation platform to help customers validate their products and get to market faster with over 50% test cycle time savings.
  • Test equipment including RF chambers, traffic generation tools, interoperability devices and others.
  • Cloud-based end-to-end testing by a team with experience across platform layers.
  • Cloud performance testing to ensure scale and stability. This is a key skillset informed by our experience with our own NMESH solution which scales to millions of customers.

Hardware Development:

Qubercomm’s hardware engineering team focuses on design services targeted to the access point, smart home and IoT segments. The range of services and capabilities include:


  • Schematic Capture
  • Library Creation
  • Layout Design
  • Components Selection
  • Design Verification
  • SI/PI and Thermal Analysis
  • EMI/EMC Analysis
  • Compliance Engineering
  • 3D Modelling and Mechanical Analysis


  • High-speed Digital
  • Analog and Mixed Signal
  • Ultra-high Density Boards
  • RF PCBs
  • High Current/Frequency Power Supply Designs
  • Ultra-low EMI Designs
  • High-layer Count Designs
  • Blind Vias, Buried Vias, Via in Pad, Laser Micro Vias
  • High-frequency PCBs
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex Designs
  • High-density SMT designs - BGA, Micro BGA, PCI, PCIE, CPCI
  • PCB Layer Management
  • Signal Integrity and Impedance Control
  • Rigid and Flexible Antenna Designs